How To Break Up With A Friend

Still the article that crushes me every time I read it.

Just been reminded that I was always, always the outcast.

Someday, I’ll get this through.

Yep, someday.

Thought Catalog

Feel a familiar itch to break free that you had previously thought only arose in romantic relationships. The tedium, the emotional drain, the fundamental feeling that this isn’t good for you all abound, but as you are not in some qualified “relationship,” how to go about removing yourself from it seems a vague, unrealistic concept. You’d never before considered having to break things off with a friend, but efforts to find common ground becoming more and more futile, it seems the only thing left to do.

Realize, in a moment of profound sadness, how much we actually do have tied up emotionally with our friends, even if we don’t realize it. The things that we experience together, though not bookended by marriage or children or even sex, are such an enormous part of the people we are today. In some ways, you are an amalgam of all of your friends…

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