Summer Blues

So, I’ll be leaving for Nasugbu, Batangas tomorrow with my high school friends. I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I don’t feel like going anymore.

What makes it even more ironic is that I’ve waited for this moment all summer. I’ve always wanted to have a legit summer vacation on a deserted island with my best friends. Right now, I’m starting to dread just the thought of actually leaving the house.

I’m just really worried of not finishing my requirements for the Editorial Board Race. I have only nine days left to complete my three-page newspaper layout, my Specific Plans Of Action (SPOA), and my entry essay. I’m not even half-way yet. Heck, I don’t even know where I should begin. I don’t even have faith in anything that I do or anything that I say because I feel like I’m such a big joke.

I’m starting to think that instead of actually enjoying my three days of freedom under the sun like THIS…


….,I might just end up being workaholic all three days, unable to get my mind off my to-do list. Like this girl below.

large (1)

We don’t even have booze, for crying out loud. That was actually one of the many things I was so eager for. Aside from riding a freaking banana boat (lol), I’ve always wanted to get drunk at the beach. I want to stay up all night with my favorite people just giggling, singing, talking, and pigging out. I want to party and get wasted and, for once, feel that we’re actually independent and worry-free.

Yet with my workload piling up and the online enlistment on Monday (yes, it was moved because of the suckish online server), looks like that’s not going to be the case.

Anyway, I’m still going because we have already planned this three weeks ago and I don’t want all that effort to be put to waste. I’m bringing my laptop with me, though. I couldn’t afford three days of total remoteness.