Sun – kissed

We’re back from our summer getaway! For three days, I have come about three realizations:

1. that you should always be on time if you want others to be on time as well;

My friends and I agreed to meet 5 AM sharp at Shopwise, Commonwealth. I rode a jeepney with my mom together with my obnoxiously huge luggage at 5:30AM because I received a text message (via mom’s phone) from my friends saying that they weren’t ready to leave yet. And so, we ended up standing there for almost two FREAKING hours. I couldn’t hate them for being late, though, because I had the habit of making others wait, too. Unfortunately, my mom decided to leave her phone at home. Mine wasn’t working, so I had to borrow a security guard’s phone just to find out where the heck they were. And just when my mom and I were on the verge of going home, they arrived.

2. that going to a deserted place is not an advisable thing to do especially during your online enlistment

It’s summer. I shouldn’t be glued to my laptop, refreshing my homepage every five minutes. It’s a freaking beautiful day in a freaking beautiful place. I should be enjoying under the sun with my best friends. It’s vacation. I shouldn’t be stressing about how to get slots for good professors in decent time slots in the online enrollement. Sad to say, I was. And I hated it. It was definitely a struggle searching for a broadband signal in the beach, I tell you. It was even harder to type in a car driving on the rocky hills of Batangas. I was, however, pretty fulfilled after getting through all the trouble. I may not have gotten the section that I wanted for Specvid (Video for Specific Organizational Needs), but at least I’m not in Imagead (Image Advertising) – THE terror class of Dr. Sibayan.

3. that you can never be fully productive on an outing no matter how hard you try.

I promised myself I’d get to finish my editorial board race essay before I get back to Manila. Sadly, the only thing I finished was the three-page newspaper layout – two and a half pages were done at home. On another note, the road trip was good for my creative juices. For some odd reason, I was able to brainstorm more ideas at the backseat of my friends’ car where I sat next to a huge window. I love that spot.

Special thanks to Tita Kathy Villamor, her boyfriend, Tito Alex and their nanny, Ate Rhea, for accomodating and taking care of us! And to my mom who allowed me to go! Mehehe.

Here goes the photo dump:

*All photos from my camera except for those indicated

IMG_2242  IMG_2276  IMG_2250

Upon entering the gates of Pico De Loro. The road trip was really nauseating especially since we had to pass on multiple curved roads and climb up a steep and narrow mountain on an incredibly hot day. Nevertheless, the wait was definitely worth it!

IMG_2249  IMG_2278  IMG_2205

The first two photos are taken outside my friends’ condominium in the resort. Unfortunately, since their unit was under renovation (the entire flooring, actually), we had to drive back to Sottogrande, Tagaytay where their rest house was. It would have been a lot funner if we were able to stay at the condo, though, because we would have had the chance to go on a night swimming.

IMG_2282  IMG_2295   selfiegalore

Here’s the fancy bridge by the lake at Pico De Loro, also known as our ‘selfie’ bridge. We were all so conceited taking photos of our own faces for vanity. How cute can we get?

Third photo from Dani: (from left) Kirsten, Karen, Ariadne, Hazel (me)

931406_10151599260601768_493589869_n  IMG_2315  575822_10151599267501768_2119655203_n

IMG_2313  431937_10151599267671768_2013806355_n  IMG_2312

This is where we spent our first day. The country club! Yay!

First photo from Kirsten: Our beloved bed a.k.a. our sunbathing haven! (from left) Kirsten, Karen, Ariadne, Dani, Hazel (me)

Third & fifth photo from Kirsten: (from left) Dani, Hazel (me), Ariadne, Kirsten, Karen

IMG_2240 IMG_2464  IMG_2382

Road trip photos! The first one’s generally what you’d see at the window. The second photo was taken in our shuttle. That’s pretty much how we got around the whole resort without getting our feet sore from walking. The third photo’s my favorite. I can’t believe I took a pretty sunset photo in a moving vehicle! Hahaha.

IMG_2318  IMG_2468  IMG_2469

316255_10151599283471768_882280965_n  941469_10151599280526768_1996914238_n  943794_10151599278521768_192210667_n

Now this is where we spent our second day. I love the beach. Too bad I didn’t get a banana boat ride. Oh well, maybe next time.

Last three photos from Kirsten

First photo: (from left) Karen, Ariadne, Hazel (me), Dani, Kirsten; Second photo: (from left) Hazel (me), Kirsten, Karen, Ariadne; Third Photo: (from left) Ariadne, Hazel (me), Karen, Kirsten

IMG_2339   IMG_2489  IMG_2479

And finally, a collection of my OOTD’s (Outfit Of The Day). I didn’t take a photo of what I wore on the third day, though, because it was we were all dressing for comfort.

First photo was from Day 1, last two photos from Day 2.

The rest of the three days were spent on watching The Avengers, Pitch Perfect, and Wreck It Ralph. We weren’t able to finish any of those movies, though. We were, however, able to have a drinking session. Apparently they bought booze when they went grocery shopping the day before we left. We cooked a lot, too. Karen’s a chef in the making so we were pretty much pigging out. And then we passed by Starbucks on the way home so Dani could recharge her laptop for the enlistment. And then we wished our other friends were with us too because we miss them like hell. This one’s for you, Marianne, Olive, Christelle, Nica and Mariel! (first three people were supposedly coming but ended up on a house arrest; last two people are already in Canada)

Hopefully, we’ll have Boracay for next year. Hihi.

All hail summer!