So much to handle in just one day

Here goes a brief list of my first-day-of-senior-year sentiments:

1. I crammed the Editorial Board (EB) race requirements, and I finished it at last!

As expected, my plan of not sleeping the previous night failed. I had to make some last minute changes with my Specific Plans of Action, so I ended up completing my essay the day of the deadline itself. It still was good for me, though. Hehe I knew I always worked better under pressure! 😉

2. I was ignored by my block group of ‘friends.’

Or maybe I ignored them. I don’t know. The point is, I see no hope in going back to the way we used to be anymore. Nobody even said ‘hi’ to me after a whole month of summer vacation. I had to sit in another table because unlike before, nobody was kind enough to reserve a seat for me in class. Plus, I ran into two of them in a computer shop. It was literally ten whole minutes of the we-used-to-be-so-close awkward silence. Unbearable. I even asked how their summer was, but neither was responsive. Oh well, I tried.

3. “Killer term,” says Dr. Diaz. Note to Hazel: Compose yourself and take your deepest breath.

Non-OrgComm people won’t understand how CRUCIAL this is. This is senior year and as early as the first term, it’s definitely best to plan way ahead, choose the right people, and get ready for the battle of the theses. I just hope I’m on the right track.

4. I just took half of the EB race examination earlier. Took me four solid hours. Gah.

I’ll be taking the other half tomorrow. And then, we’ll be meeting to discuss the new beating system. Then, we’ll be having a storyboard meeting on Thursday. And then, I’ll be grilled in front of the panel at the interview on Monday. And then, I could finally breathe.

We’re almost at the finish line. Almost there.

5. I am both happy and exhausted with having my free time to myself, especially during lengthy breaks.

I prefer to call myself as “independent” rather than as a “loner.” Honestly, I love independence. I love the freedom of getting to work, relax, or eat whenever and wherever I want to. I love living the way I want to live without anyone holding me back. On the contrary, sometimes being alone can be tiring too. I think I have more friends outside the circle of my coursemates, which is probably the reason why I’m always rushing to get out of class. I don’t have a copy of their schedules yet, so I guess I’ll be sticking around the condo for now.