The highlights of my 18 years of existence

So we were asked to make an outline of our lives for a three to five minute introduction in our Specvid (Organizational Video for Specific Needs) class.

Our prof says this would be a good way of being comfortable with our classmates. He said it was important to be at ease with our collegues first to be able to handle actual clients out there.

I wasn’t called for today, but I’m posting this anyway.

Here it goes:

I.                   Childhood

Three of the most vivid memories I could remember from my childhood:

1.       During my early years, I had this insane addiction for Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, Christina Aguilera, Venga Boys, Spice Girls, and The Steps.

Yes, I was a die-hard fan girl – the kind who would lock up in her room with her older cousin and spend the day watching every single music video and concert of her idols. I could even remember recording myself mimicking those music videos and memorizing every line of their hit songs. My favorite group was The Steps. I’ve always enjoyed yelling, “GHOST BUSTERS!!!” from the top of my lungs regardless of how much our neighbors hated my loud voice. Sorry, folks. I just loooove the 90’s music.

2.      Yes, I am an admittedly spoiled brat.

I guess you could now confirm the stereotypical notion for kids who are the only child in their family. Yes, I am a spoiled brat. I’ve always demanded to be carried by my parents or by my nannies because I hated getting my shoes dirty. I never understood the concept of being “grounded” because even if my parents would say that I was, it wouldn’t take an hour for them to take their word back. I had almost all the toys I wished for, except for a freaking pair of roller skates. My mom thinks it’s deadly because of probable accidents, so all my bawling and weeping were ignored. It took me weeks to get over the fact that I’m never getting my roller skates. No joke.

3.      I spent a lot of time in airports and hospitals.

Why airports?

My dad is an Overseas Filipino Worker. His career as an optometrist in Saudi Arabia has been very stable even before he met my mother, so this has been our set-up for almost forever. He goes home every two years for a five to six-month vacation. My mother, on the other hand, is a nuclear science research specialist. Her job also requires frequent travels abroad, so I have been very accustomed to saying goodbyes at the airport.

Why hospitals?

I was a sickly kid back then. I had asthma, and pneumonia, and dengue, and allergies, and whatever that could keep me admitted almost every other week. I had the habit of running away from the nurses every time they would try to put on the dextrose on me. Bad ass, yo! I would kick away with all my might and run as fast as I could ast the hospital halls. I pity them slow nurses who couldn’t catch their breath.

II.                First Heart Ache

–          Not being able to finish our batch’s song and dance number on my prep graduation day because of puking right there and then

Have you ever seen the movie, ‘Pitch Perfect?’ If yes, then you probably remember the scene wherein Aubrey, the leader of the Barden Bellas, stress-vomited her entire breakfast before the audience. That’s pretty much the exact same thing that has happened to me, except that I puked because of dengue. I had to be rushed to the hospital immediately, so I wasn’t able to finish our act. And for someone who have always loved to perform, that was definitely heart-breaking. The only console for me would probably be getting everyone’s sympathy and attention while being carried away from the stage. Oh well.

III.             Greatest Fear

I couldn’t pick one, so I just settled with my top three:

1.       Public Humiliation

I’ve always feared judgment. I mean, who doesn’t? We all have the tendency of obsessing on what others might think of us. What triggers this fear, for me, would be my past experiences of just embarrassing myself in public and walking away with my head faced down in shame. I just hate this insecure voice inside my head that mocks me every time I face a large crowd. It haunts me.

2.      Ending up alone for the rest of my life

The first movie that I ever watched in my life was The Little Mermaid. And like any other typical girl, I grew up with every Disney princess you could think of. I still am a hopeless romantic until now, and I am certain that it would crush me if I didn’t find my ‘one true love.’ I have always wanted to have a huge family of my own because I want to make up for the things I missed out on because I was an only child. I want to secure that I get to have a family in my 20’s because I want my parents to meet their grand children. I am well aware of the fact that nothing in this world is permanent, and I am scared as hell of the thought of losing the two people who truly loves me.

3.      Dying unhappily

Not being able to do the things I would like to do. Having so many regrets on chances I didn’t take. Regretting the things that I shouldn’t have done in the first place. Never being able to be genuinely happy. Realizing that my life turned out to be a huge disappointment. I guess that’s it.

IV.              Happiest Moment

I quote:

“The day you understand that you are in control of your life.

It is far too often that people deter blame on everybody else when really, you can either sit in your misery or you can do something and change your life. You can think of a hundred excuses as to why you can’t, or why you should hold on a bit longer, or why change and acceptance is impossible, but you’re not providing any sound reasoning. It will still, and always, come back to: it won’t change until you change it.”


 V.                 One super power that I would like to have

–          Probability Manipulation

  • The ability to make unlikely things happen
  • The ability to prevent likely things to happen

–          Yes, I am a control freak. Deal with it.