Work in progress

There are so many things I want to write / say / do right now, but there is so little time that I have. The number of unposted posts I have saved as ‘draft’ is just piling up. And so is my workload.

It gets even more frustrating because I could always feel the desire to express whatever whenever I feel like it. Plenty of things are going on. Life goes by very quickly and I think it is very important to write stories and short notes about the littlest of things, just so you could prevent them from being forgotten.

But then again you see people who are happy in keeping themselves busy with the things that make them happy. You see people who are striving to be better – for themselves and for the people they care about. It just feels so great to see that they’re getting closer to what they aspire to be. It even feels greater to realize that you sincerely, selflessly want these people to soooooaaaaaar.

It makes me remember they are a work in progress, and that I am, too.

I would like to keep myself busy with this whole idea because it makes the work relevant and rewarding.

I want to strive to become better because people who matter are doing so.

I want to strive to become better for reasons that are worthwhile. 🙂