Up Dharma Down at Cable Car Makati

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Short notes about tonight’s spontaneity with my roommate, Janella:

1. I had my new white sweater reserved for tonight and it looks great on me!

2. Love the place! Hipster vibe, hipster crowd. HAHA.

3. We saw two famous people at Cable Car: Icy Mendoza and Lovi Poe.

4. Over-flowing feels for tonight’s sound trip. Especially when they played Oo, Turn It Well, and Luna [and Feelings too, because it’s Janella’s favorite].

5. The huge bouncer was keeping us out of the VIP area because we failed to reserve front row tables. We had to watch the performances either behind a glass window with tons of heads blocking the view or on a lame flat screen TV before us. Next time it is, Armi. Next time.